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As we are all only too aware any business is only as good as its end product. Having the best product in the world can become meaningless if your customers are not paying on time or are not inclined to pay at all. This is where credit control plays its very important part in the business chain. Once a credit control policy is introduced it should be carried out meticulously to ensure that any monies involved are where they should be, in your bank account and not your customers.

Credit control is invariably more effective when carried out by a third party under your control. The third party, hopefully - Help-at-Hand Accountancy Services - would carry out the day-to-day chasing of outstanding debt using a suitable amount of pressure according to the level of debt and the length of the overdue period. You would, of course, have the final word on how far to pursue any debts but we, as a third party, would be solely concerned with the welfare of your business and not distracted by any possible personal relationships.

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