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Payroll can be very involved and is best dealt with by someone who is experienced in the relevant procedures. It is only too easy for the lay person to make expensive mistakes without even realising it.   Not amending tax codes correctly, putting employees on emergency tax when they should be on basic rate (or vice versa), not completing a P46 when a new employee cannot produce a P45, not notifying of a change in a company car, are just a few examples of the numerous pitfalls awaiting the unwary or inexperienced person attempting to deal with payroll.

In addition it is far easier for an experienced person to liaise with the Inland Revenue on your behalf. One very important point to remember is that any errors that occur while dealing with the payroll are the responsibility of the employer and not the employee. This means that should there be a shortfall in the amount of income tax paid by an employee it would be the employers' responsibility to correct the situation.

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